Category: Business Insight

  • The Idea File

    I’ve got notebooks half full of quotes, ideas, and notes from various conferences, seminars, and books. But too often those brilliant ideas stay buried in a notebook or a folder amid useless details and noise.

  • How to Create Social Media Content

    Too many businesses and organizations struggle to create social media content. But it’s not rocket science—just share what you love.

  • Take Time to Celebrate

    Take Time to Celebrate

    Life is short. You need to celebrate your wins. Here’s how we celebrated a recent milestone. How does your organization celebrate your accomplishments?

  • Reevaluate Your Marketing

    Here’s a simple way to improve your organization’s communication: Sit down and read your own marketing once a year.

  • Find Your Voice

    The written word has a voice. It captures the personality of your organization and resonates with people. Have you found your voice?

  • Why You Need a Writer

    Everybody knows how to write, so why should I hire a writer? It’s a fair question. Let me give you three reasons why a writer can help your business.

  • Good Communication Repeats Itself

    A lot of businesses don’t want to repeat themselves. But that’s how good communication works—you break through the noise by repeating a consistent message.

  • A Dose of Perspective

    A Dose of Perspective

    I recently purchased a mosaic tile piece from a local artist for my office that’s a daily reminder to be grateful.

  • Why Content Matters

    I’m a writer, so creating content is like breathing to me. But I know it’s not like that for everybody, especially small business owners. Sometimes the challenge is not the how, but the why. Why should I care about creating content?

  • Don’t Wait for Inspiration

    “The days I feel inspired aren’t the days I do my best work.” -Author Dani Shapiro