Right Tool for the Right Job

Meticulously organized collection of tools.

The best business advice I received early on was to pay people for what you’re not good at. As a cheapskate, I needed to hear that. As I’m maturing in my business, I think a corollary piece of advice is to pay for tools that make your job easier.

Again, cheapness gets in the way. The fewer expenses you have, the more money you’re making. So I’m always reluctant to pay for new services.

But the right tool for the right job is worth the price.

  • I bought a print copy of the AP Stylebook and figured I never needed anything else. But shifting to an online subscription for AP Style has been a needed improvement (nevermind keeping me up to date on current style trends).
  • Otter.ai, a recording and transcription service, seemed like a neat bonus, but not something I’d want to pay for. Then I used it for a few West St. Paul Reader interviews and I’m never going back. Worth every penny.
  • I likewise balked at paying for social media scheduling. I can do that in the app, why pay for it? Because the brining multiple channels together and organizing my files saves time. That’s worth money. Thanks, Later.

Tools that save time, money, and frustration are worth it. Invest in yourself and invest in your organization by getting the right tools for the right job.