Table Project

Table LogoThe Table Project is a private social network and app for churches. It encourages the community that develops on Sunday morning to happen throughout the week. The Table has apps to encourage prayer and community service, helping church members to serve and connect despite the limitations of physical connection or busy staff members.

What We Do

Table Project roadmapWe worked with the Table Project for roughly 15 months in 2011 and 2012 helping with their customer service and communication. New technology always struggles to be understood and trusted. Consistent communication is key. Another problem is that encouraging a church to launch their own private social network is like trying to launch your own Facebook. And every church that signed up had to do the same thing.

So we established a consistent communication plan that included regular blog posts, emails, webinars and social media. More than consistent, it was a realistic workload the organization could commit to.

We also eased the customer service load by developing in-depth support content. Helping churches successfully launch their own network meant giving them the tools and resources to answer questions and mobilize their congregation. We expanded the Table’s existing Help section, going from a few PDFs to a collection of FAQs, videos, promo materials and a detailed road map that walked churches through the entire process with links to more than 50 resources.

The Impact

We could claim credit for all kinds of wins the Table experienced, but launching a service like this is really a team effort. Bragging about the number of churches or users who signed up is missing the point. What we really did for the Table was give them steady, consistent communication that told their audience the Table is reliable.

We also gave them stories to tell, so as churches considered launching this social network, they had positive examples to highlight.

Finally, we kept customers happy by answering questions and offering resources on the back end, ensuring this wasn’t something churches launched and forgot, but an on-going, growing resource.

“Kevin has an amazing ability to quickly pick up the culture, message and mission of an organization, and then translate it into invaluable content. At first I was nervous about handing over the ‘voice’ of our brand to a contractor, but Kevin not only communicated the heart of our message, but also improved the tone and personality of our brand through multiple marketing channels. He is a master word-craftsman, and I would highly recommend him for any project you may have.” -Jason Wenell, director of experience

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