We’re not do-gooders, but we like to see good things happen. Call it philanthropy, altruism or just plain idealism. Let’s do some good.

Below are just some of the projects and causes we’ve supported over the years.

Segalu-Village-3-300x225Clean Water

Lots of people around the world don’t have it, and that’s a problem. We’ve supported multiple clean water fundraisers through charity: water, including a head shaving, a two-mile walk with five-gallons of water and a book project that raised awareness and ultimately built a well in Ethiopia.

Open Our Eyes: Helping the Invisible People of HomelessnessHomelessness

Too many people don’t have a place to call home. Many are kids or families or veterans. We’re big fans of the work Mark Horvath does to help homeless people through the nonprofit We help Mark every chance we get, though the biggest effort was the 2010 book, Open Our Eyes. Closer to home, we’re big fans of Project Home, where local churches provide emergency shelter space for homeless families.


We love reading. Our office is packed with books, and our head monkey tends to read a lot. His 2013 book, 137 Books in One Year, has helped lots of people rediscover reading. We support organizations such as First Book and We Need Diverse Books. And our local library (where our head monkey serves on the Community Advisory Board).


Tamarin from the Como Zoo

With a name like ours, we can’t forget the monkeys. Almost every year we sponsor a monkey at the local Como Zoo, one of the last free zoos in the country. Zoos are important for protecting and reintroducing wildlife, as well as introducing all of us city kids to the wonder of nature. Which makes a free zoo like Como pretty great.

How about you?

What good things do you love to support?