Be a Part of Your Community

West St. Paul parade

Last week we participated in Explore West St. Paul Days, a series of local community events. We were in a parade! Being a part of this community makes me wish our business had invested locally a long time ago.

Of course we run a local news site, so that just made sense. We’ve done neighborhood news since 2019, but even before that we were engaged locally. I mean, we live here. We should have taken that opportunity to plug in.

It’s amazing meeting all kinds of local people, and then running into them at the post office. Even as an introvert, I thrive on those kind of connections.

Better late than never.

Take the opportunity to connect locally. Sponsor a local team. Show up at the parade. Support a local event. Just have a presence and support what you want to see in your community.

At any rate, we had a blast. Check out the parade and the bike ride. Thank you.

(Photo by Sam Amundson)