Trout Lake Camps

Trout Lake Camps Dining HallWhen Trout Lake Camps in northern Minnesota outgrew their dining hall, they needed to do something. Making 175 campers eat in shifts so they didn’t overwhelm the 60-seat dining hall was not something they had in mind. They wanted more. A lot more.

What We Do

Not a place of small dreams, Trout Lake kicked off a $2.4 million building campaign for a new dining hall. We worked with Taylor Design Works to create the fundraising brochure, a 16-page booklet with a mini-booklet literally slapped on to the cover.

We helped develop the concept—quickly communicate the lack of space—and pushed for compelling factoids to succinctly explain the problem and the solution in real terms. We wrote the headlines and copy, pushing not just a new building but the larger vision for Trout Lake Camps.

The Impact

Trout’s little problem had a big solution. They successfully raised the $2.4 million and their new 10,060-square-foot dining center opened in 2012.

Now more campers can enjoy Trout, and everyone’s got a little more elbow room.

“Kevin does an incredible job focusing our message so that it reflects our organization’s brand. He has helped create and refine our style so that we are more effective at what we do. Specifically, with Kevin’s help, we were able to raise significant capital for our dining hall project to take our organization to the next level. Thanks Kevin!” -Jonathan Wicklund, executive director

Trout Lake Camps mini booklet close upTrout Lake Dining Hall mini bookletTrout Lake Dining Hall interior pages

Trout Lake Dining Hall interior spreadTrout Lake Dining Hall spreadsTrout Lake Camps Dining Hall back page

Taylor Design Works really makes it look pretty, don’t they?

More With Trout Lake Camps

We do a lot of work with both Trout Lake Camps and Taylor Design Works, but this is probably the best example of words and design coming together to communicate a compelling message. We think it does the job.