iThemes logoiThemes does WordPress themes, plugins and training. Launched in 2008, they build tools and resources to help people do more with WordPress. Working for an open-source community like WordPress is pretty great, but what we really love about iThemes is the way they’re always giving back.

Founder Cory Miller says, “If you go far, we go far. If you win, we win.” That kind of attitude is refreshing in a for-profit company. And it’s not just lip service. You can see it in their annual efforts, from 2014’s Go Far Together to 2012’s Make Waves.

What We Do

We do content creation for iThemes, writing ebooks and blog posts to educate their audience. We tackle assigned topics, doing research and interviews to get the best insights and perspectives. We also pitch ideas based on our own knowledge of WordPress and the freelance world. We develop compelling content that’s friendly to people and search engines.

The Impact

The result is a steady stream of quality content that iThemes can share with their customers and use to attract new ones. They’re helping their customers win, and that helps iThemes win.

Another example of the good iThemes is doing: every single one of those ebooks (34 and counting) is available for free.

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iThemes: Go Mobile With WordPress ebookiThemes: Blogging Isn't Dead ebookiThemes: How to Run a WordPress Meetup ebook