In 2014, Elizabyth asked if we had an internship. We didn’t.

But if you really want the job and the experience, that’s not going to stop you. Elizabyth persisted, we considered and she spent the summer of 2014 in the glamorous role of our part-time intern. She even got to write her own news blurbs.

That unexpected internship turned out to be a great experience on both sides. Our founder started as an unpaid intern, and this summer was a good reminder how valuable on-the-job experience is. It also showed us just how helpful an intern can be.

So now we have an internship.

Here’s what it might look like:

  • It’s a low-paid, part-time, independent contractor opportunity. That means roughly 10 hours per week, in the neighborhood of $10/hour and working off-site (BYOL—bring your own laptop).
  • It can start whenever—we work year round, you can too. But we’re also happy to start at a natural point, like the beginning of summer or the new semester.
  • While being located in the Twin Cities is great, it’s not required.
  • You need to be flexible with the ebb and flow of our work, and we’ll be flexible with your situation, whether you’re juggling other part-time summer jobs or you’re in school full time.
  • Real-world editing, writing and proofing experience: We’ll pass off assignments for you to work on, so your editing chops need to be there. There’s always room for on-the-job training and learning (we’re all still learning), but you need to know how to communicate.
  • Professional development: We’ve learned a thing or two, and we’re happy to share. We want to help you learn the industry, figure out where you fit and help you get there. If we don’t have the exact connections or knowledge you need, we can help you find it.
  • Last and definitely not least, this internship is about responsibility. It’s not always the brightest and best who get the opportunities, it’s the folks who show up and follow through. Don’t inquire about an internship and then go silent. If you want this, pursue it. Show us you’re worth our investment.

Still interested? Contact us to get started.

We don’t have a formal application and all that, but we will want the following:

  • Resume, references, writing samples.
  • What’s your plan? Is this an academic internship for school credit with requirements and an adviser? Are you able to set aside 10 hours per week during the semester?
  • What do you want to do? How does this internship fit with your career plans?
  • While not required, Googling you and discovering healthy social media activity is encouraging.

That will at least get us started.