Loving the Library

Photo of Library Advisory Committee Member Kevin D. Hendricks

As a company focused on writing, it’s no surprise that we love books and reading. We even published a book about how to read more. We also love libraries. I serve on the Dakota County Library Advisory Committee and they’ve started highlighting committee members by asking us a few questions. I was recently featured.

I wish people understood that library fines aren’t a good way to get people to bring books back. Instead they serve as a barrier and keep people away from libraries. … Now that there are no fines on children’s and youth materials, we’re seeing people return to the library. That’s amazing. A library is all about sharing resources with the public, so let’s make sure we’re lifting all the barriers and serving the entire community.

Libraries are free community gathering spaces for everyone. You don’t have to be a member or pay to get in. I love it.

In this era of culture wars and book bans, it’s also important that we realize how libraries are under attack. They need to be protected and championed more than ever. So support your local library!