Member Drive: Tell Your Story

West St. Paul Reader logo with four pictures from around West St. Paul.

In 2019 we launched a local news site called West St. Paul Reader. It focuses on neighborhood news—what’s happening in the immediate community. We’re talking new restaurants, City Council, neighbor interviews, local elections, and more. All free to the public—no paywalls. It’s supported by neighbors, folks who chip in $3 or $5 or $20 a month to keep it going.

It’s incredible we’re able to make it work, and that’s thanks to our neighbors who give generous and consistent support.

Today we launched a member drive to continue to build that support:

  • We’re hoping to bring in at least 25 new or upgraded members.
  • We’ve scheduled community events to get out and connect with new people.
  • We’ve got a pile of rewards and a members-only party at the end.

It’s an opportunity to talk up what we do and build that support.

So What?

Why does this matter to you, a person who likely doesn’t live in West St. Paul?

It’s a helpful reminder that you have to tell your story.

The basic work of West St. Paul Reader is reporting local news. You might think the best way to make that work would be to do that work. And that’s true to some extent. A lot of people see the good work we do and want to support it.

But not everybody.

  • A lot of people miss that we rely on member support.
  • Or they never hear about us in the first place.
  • Or maybe they’re not convinced to give support.

Whatever the reason, the way to overcome is to tell your story.