How to Write for Mobile

Person scrolling on a mobile phone.

Quick tip for shorter, mobile-friendly content: Create it on a mobile device.

Everything is mobile these days. More than half your web content is coming from a mobile phone. That means everything you create needs to be mobile friendly.




An easy way to make that happen is to actually write it the way it will be seen—on a mobile device. Even if you’re working on a desktop or laptop, many content creation tools have a mobile preview option that gives you that tall and skinny mobile view.

It will make it painfully apparent when:

  • Paragraphs stretch too long.
  • Bulleted lists will help.
  • Bold text can improve scanning.
  • Headers and sub-heads can break up copy.

Give it a try.

Check out the book Smart Brevity for more tips like this. We gave an overview of the book in an earlier post.