Worth More Than Money

Stack of one hundred dollar bills.

Before I launched my own business, the relentless focus on money that dominates business conversations always turned me off. I get it, you’re trying to make money, but some things are worth more than money.

A Quick Story

I recently had lunch with a friend and they mentioned they could make a lot more money working somewhere else. But they really like their current work environment, so they stay there. They’re forgoing a salary bump—to the tune of five figures—because where and how they work matters more than money.

I was really struck that my friend understood what was worth more than money. They could put a literal price tag on their work environment (and it wasn’t a small price tag!). They also knew themselves well enough to know what they needed and what would make them happy. In their case, it wasn’t more money.

So What?

It’s easy for businesses and organizations to focus on that ever-important bottom line: How much money are we making?

But that’s not the only question to ask. There could be others:

  • How are we improving the community?
  • How are we impacting the lives of our employees?
  • Are we making life better for more people?

Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, people are reevaluating and money isn’t always at the top of our priority list anymore. Working at home, flexible schedules, top notch colleagues, the elusive ‘making a difference,’ and more often matter more than money.

Don’t Miss Out

The bottom line for businesses and organizations should be more than money. That’s not the only reason to make a decision. That’s true for people and it should be true for business as well.

  • We do business this way because it’s fun.
  • We put on this event because we care about our community.
  • We offer these benefits because our people matter.

Of course any business is welcome to ignore this advice and continue to make decisions based on dollars. But you’re missing out. When you value money more than people, they notice. And they make a different choice.