Why Content Matters

I’m a writer, so creating content is like breathing to me. But I know it’s not like that for everybody, especially small business owners. Sometimes the challenge is not the how, but the why. Why should I care about creating content? So let’s talk about why content matters.

Two Reasons Why

Here are just two reasons your business or organization should create content:

1. Demonstrate Your Expertise

First and foremost, content is an incredible way to showcase your expertise. You’re good at what you do and you probably love doing it. Content is just a stream of things you care about. It’s talking about your field, sharing what you learn, proving you know what you’re talking about.

Good content is your chance to brag about what you’re good at.

More than marketing that says you can do this, content is the opportunity to show you can do it.

2. Remind People You Exist

Let’s be honest: People will forget about you. It’s a crowded marketplace and people lead busy lives. They will forget about you.

Content is a reminder that you’re still here.

Especially for smaller organizations that might let their online presence get a little dated and dusty, content shows you’re active and current.

Talking about your current job is a good way to get your next job. Content matters because you need to keep bringing in the work or making the sales or getting the donations to do what you do.

Content can fuel your bottomline.

Get Your Motivation

There are lots of other reasons to create content, but those two seem pretty important. Think about why content is important and what it could do for your organization. Hopefully that’s some good motivation to think more seriously about content.

And if you need some help actually creating the content, we can help with that.