Two Second Boost to Your Website

Here’s a two second tip to make your website better: Make sure your social icons are linked. That’s it.

Too often I visit websites of brands I want to follow and their social media icons aren’t linked to anything. The little Facebook ‘f’ or Twitter bird are just sitting there mocking me. I click on them and get nothing.

Of course I get why this happens: It’s a common among small businesses, nonprofits, and political candidates who use cheap, off-the-shelf templated websites. We’re talking Square Space or Wix. The template includes the icons, but you have to customize it by adding the links (or removing the icons for social sites you don’t use). Those small businesses, nonprofits, and political candidates are too busy or even unaware about the social icons.

The end result is they look unprofessional. Take the time to proof your site, test all the links, and make sure everything works the way it should. I don’t fault folks for having a minimal to nonexistent budget (been there), but you still need to take care of the details.