Take Time to Celebrate

West St. Paul Reader postcards featuring art by Sarah Lew

Life is short. You need to celebrate your wins.

Celebrating Our Milestone

One of our projects hits a two-year anniversary this month. We started West St. Paul Reader back in 2019. Two years in, this hyper-local news site supported by the community is going strong. It’s hard to believe we’ve been attending City Council meetings and writing about local construction projects for two years (and yeah, we love it).

We marked this milestone by commissioning a local artist, Sarah Lew, to create an exclusive West St. Paul postcard. This week we dropped the postcards in the mail to say thanks to our Patreon supporters.

We did something similar last year to commemorate hitting 50 supporters on Patreon.

It’s a fun way to say thank you to our biggest supporters, support local artists, and create something unique and wonderful—all at the same time. It’s a tangible way to look back and see what we’ve accomplished.

How Will You Celebrate?

So how does your organization celebrate your accomplishments? Sometimes we get so busy focused on doing the work that we never take any time to reflect and celebrate.

It’s important to take that time. It’s encouraging. It builds your team culture. It gives you a moment to breathe and take stock. It can inspire you to think about what’s to come. It can fuel you to keep pushing for what’s next.

So take a moment to look back and celebrate.

Do whatever works for your company. Throw a party, create something tangible, give something away, make a donation, sponsor a bench, buy your team a pingpong table—whatever it is, take the time to celebrate and mark that milestone.

What About Writing?

We usually talk about writing and marketing and strategy. We don’t usually think of celebration and gratitude and reflection as marketing strategy, but they are. Your communication is a reflection of who your company is, so if you take time to celebrate or express gratitude or reflect on your accomplishments, that should somehow show up in your marketing.

We’re not saying you should throw a party so you have something to post on social media.

But, if you’re throwing a party to celebrate a big win, you should post something on social media.

Sometimes we neglect marking milestones, so if thinking of it as marketing helps you do it, that’s OK. You accomplished something. High-five!