Skinny Tie Day

Skinny Tie Day. Why? Why not?The Monkey Outta Nowhere world headquarters in St. Paul, Minn. had skinny tie day today. All employees were encouraged to wear a skinny tie in an effort to boost company-wide morale.
The gimmick proved to be popular with most employees and could see a return. It’s not clear if skinny tie day will spread to other businesses, but prospects are good.

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  1. Man,
    I wish my work would have thought of celebrating that day, it would have been so much fun! You’re awesome Kevin!!

  2. I’m boomarking this blog so I can get a laugh whenever I’m feeling down. LOL, that picture is just… yeah, awesome.

  3. Is that smile on your face because of what you’re wearing, or what you’re NOT wearing. It looks to me like you might not have any pants on. Hmmmm.

  4. Thanks MT.
    Let’s set the record straight: It was Skinny Tie Day, not No Pants Day. I was indeed wearing pants, though my shirt was untucked which is why the cropping might make you think I’m not wearing any pants. But trust me, I am (as cold as it is in my house, No Pants Day will have to wait for the summer).

  5. Brains on Overdrive

    I haven’t done much pondering lately. I’ve been rather busy. Writing a novel, listening to U2, eating turkey, posting things like this. It’s been hard to just sit down and think….

  6. Ah ha ha ha!!! Oh…that’s good. The skinny tie with pic…not the no pants comment. That is just frightening. Not that…um…er…yeah.

  7. Three cheers for skinny ties! I’m not sure what it is, but you always have the funniest things to say about ties, Kevin. I mean, you had the Tiebrary (sp?) for awhile, and now the skinny tie, and I think I’ve had other tie-related conversations with you, too.
    Is Skinny Tie Day always on December 2nd? How does one celebrate besides wearing a skinny tie? Are there songs? Decorations? Skinny gifts?
    Seriously though, that pic looks like it was taken for some other purpose than the recording of Skinny Tie Day… bum bum buuuuuummmm. 🙂

  8. back in college the guys in our dorm had “ugly tie” day once a week. It was great. We would hit the thrift store and find the most horrible things you have ever seen. As a ugly tie-wearing champ, your tie is pretty sweet!

  9. Yes, Josh, we used to have the Tiebrary at the BGEA. That’s where I rescued this skinny tie from.
    Skinny Tie Day is kind of like Pajama Day or Hat Day–you just have to declare it so. I’m not aware if there are any skinny tie songs, though if I have another skinny tie day I’ll have to make one up. And gifts and decorations aren’t necessary–isn’t the presence of a skinny tie enough? What more do you need?

  10. I wear skinny ties all the time. I always felt like fat ties make guys look fatter than they probably already are – – don’t you?

  11. I recently purchased 30 {new} skinny ties on ebay! I was thrilled to find them!!!!

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