Reflecting on What You Want to Accomplish

I’m not big on goal setting and long-term planning. I’d rather do my work and get things done. But recently I sat at my desk with a notebook and jotted down some quick ideas. I wasn’t thinking of goals exactly, just of things I wanted to accomplish. Some were personal (vacations, exercise, etc.) and some were professional (projects, marketing ideas, etc.).

I didn’t set out to make a list or revamp my business. I was just putting some ideas down on paper. But I started to see some themes in what I wrote down. A lot of the dots connected, and they aligned with some of my core values.

It didn’t change my life or anything, but it did reinforce that these are the things I should be pursuing. While I’m still not a big long-term planner, writing these ideas down on paper became a concrete reminder that I need to do the work to make them a reality. Dreaming is great, but you also have to take action.

So I did. I booked a vacation. I tackled a project. I started another one. I added some items to my calendar.

Even if the idea of goals makes you roll your eyes, take some time to reflect on what you want to accomplish. It might be more helpful than you think.