No One Will Tell Your Story but You

A lot of organizations and businesses are reluctant to tell their story. There can be challenges that keep them from communicating, but often they don’t want to brag. There’s a misguided notion that talking about their success will be seen as being an egotistical monster. But here’s the thing: No one is going to tell your story but you. So you better tell it.

We’ve just finished an election and we’re looking at the winners and losers. It’s pretty rare that a winning politician sat back and didn’t talk up their accomplishments. If you want to connect with people and get votes, you tell your story.

It’s like folks early in their career who aren’t so sure about networking. Maybe you’re an introvert or maybe you’re too busy doing the actual work, but no matter the excuse, you have to get out there and make those connections that will lead to your next gig.

I’ve launched enough projects to know that if you don’t talk it up—a lot—then no one pays any attention. It’s easy for people to miss tweets and email newsletters, even if they follow you, even if they’re subscribed. So you have to keep reaching out, you have to keep telling your story.

In many cases you’ll feel like you’re repeating yourself. You’ll feel sick of saying the same thing over and over again. That’s not a sign to quit. That’s a sign that you’re on the right track. It’s a sign that you’re repeating your message enough that it might just be starting to get through.

Yeah, that’s maddening. But it’s the reality.

If you wait for someone else to tell your story, there won’t be a story to tell.