Let’s Inform the Electorate

“A well-informed electorate is a prerequisite to democracy.”

Today is election day (even if it is an off-year), and there’s no greater way to celebrate our democracy than by participating in it.

But one of the challenges facing our democracy is whether or not voters are informed. A lot of money flows into elections and there’s a lot of flash and marketing, but not necessarily a lot of substance. Especially in these off-year local elections, it can be a challenge for voters to find credible information.

That’s why we’re proud to offer local election coverage through West St. Paul Reader. This year we offered a voter’s guide and candidate chart for the ISD 197 school board and levy renewal election.

Giving voters clear information so they can make up their own minds is vital. Our democracy depends on it.

We’re proud to our part and grateful to our supporters who make it possible.

If you’ve got elections in your area today, be sure to vote.