Killer Monkey Gets Second Chance

After mauling an infant to death and attacking several people, New Delhi residents captured one difficult monkey. The animal will be sent to the city’s Monkey Rescue Center which handles nuisance primates.
We’re all for monkey rehabilitation, but what about New Delhi residents who will shudder at the cry, “Monkey outta nowhere!”? Do killer monkeys really deserve a second chance?

7 responses to “Killer Monkey Gets Second Chance”

  1. These monkeys deserve to live
    what kind of person blames it on a
    the monkey didnt know better
    what has this world come to
    oh yeah
    the legend of the Killer Coding Ninja Monkeys
    is TRUE!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Obviously something is wrong with the monkey, and it needs to be put down. If aliens came to earth and killed all of us and the whole time tree hugging communist hippies like you said “the aliens dont know any better” then our race would become extinct! This monkey has committed inter-species murder, and his death must be televised for all monkeys to see the effects of his hate crime.

  3. Whit, you’re lacking in your namesake -h. It’s interspecies, not intraspecies. Inter means from one system to another system, intra would mean two objects inside a system. So if a primate killed another primate, it would be intraspecies.
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  4. This is a good point and i have emailed it to ricky gervais for use on his podcast show as they bought up a very similar case the other day

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