Category: Site Updates

  • Return of the Blog

    After a long hiatus where we let our work do the talking, we’re exploring a return to the blog. It’s going to take a little bit of figuring to sort it out, but sometimes you just have to experiment and see what sticks.

  • Trying Something New

    Our website is in a bit of disarray, but that’s OK. We’ve finally upgraded to WordPress after 10 years on Movable Type. It’s time to leave an outdated system and start making some needed upgrades and improvements around here. We’re still figuring out exactly what those improvements are. But we’re looking forward to it. For…

  • Web Site Tweaks

    We’ve made a few tweaks around the ol’ Monkey Outta Nowhere web site, including a new contact form and revised about us page.

  • Monkey Outta Nowhere Redesigns. Again.

    One of the hardest things about helping others communicate is figuring out how to help yourself communicate. It’s like the old saying about the cobbler’s children being barefoot.

  • Monkey Outta Nowhere Rebooted

    In an attempt to communicate better about myself I’ve redesigned the Monkey Outta Nowhere site. I’ve also merged the Monkey Outta Nowhere blog with my personal blog because really, I am the company. If it’s hard for me to keep up a company blog, how hard must it be for anybody to actually read it?…

  • More Blog Changes

    I love blogs. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that after scaling back the Monkey Outta Nowhere blog last month, now I’m trying to rejuvenate it. Basically I’m revamping the homepage to intermingle Monkey Outta Nowhere news with portfolio items in order to keep folks better updated. …

  • Site Revamp

    The Monkey Outta Nowhere site has been scaled back, revamped and improved. Rather than running the blog at full speed to cover every quasi-interesting update, we’ll focus on official Monkey Outta Nowhere business only. The random time-wasting content will be redirected to the personal blog of our Head Monkey, Kevin D. Hendricks. But never fear,…

  • About Us & Services Updated

    Check out the updated About Us and Services sections for updated info about the origins of the Monkey Outta Nowhere name, the high-quality services we provide, and a lovely photo of our Head Monkey.

  • More Monkey Desktops

    Newly branded Monkey Outta Nowhere desktops are now available in your choice of screen sizes. Get yours today and be the envy of the office.

  • Monkey Desktops

    Monkey Outta Nowhere desktops are now available. Get yours today, while supplies last!