Build Your Community

West St. Paul Reader postcards

When we started the local news site West St. Paul Reader back in 2019, we wanted a way to connect with people physically even though we were an online site. Sending a handwritten postcard to members became that way to create a real life connection.

We commissioned local artists to create the postcards, putting something new and wonderful into the world. In addition to the real life object we could send to our members, we loved supporting local artists and creating these new objects celebrating our little town.

Our project has now created eight West St. Paul postcards (with two more in process). It’s incredibly gratifying to see these works of art out in the world.

For example, Clover Montessori School framed a larger print of one of the postcards created by Edgar Herrera, and the kids love it:

“Thank you to the West St. Paul Reader and Edgar Herrera for the new art in our Toddler Community! This fun image gives children an opportunity to see a reflection of their town and develop vocabulary by naming what they see.”

Clover Montessori School Facebook post
Girl pointing at the star in a West St. Paul postcard created by local artist Edgar Herrera.

Too often, business is about just building profit. But we can also build our communities. Instead of simply investing in our bottomline, we can also invest in our neighborhood.

That can mean your physical neighborhood or your wider community. Whatever it means for you, be intentional about investing and building and creating. The impact can surprise you.