Author: Kevin D. Hendricks

  • “It’s Me or the Monkey.”

    The marriage of German pop star Werner Boehm is in shambles after he moved a monkey into his home. The 10-year-old female baboon can reportedly play the piano and appeared in one of Boehm’s videos. His wife made him choose between the monkey or her, and he chose the monkey.

  • Sneaky Monkey Outwits Scientist

    Antropologist Scott McGraw declared the red colobus monkey extinct in 2000, but new findings suggest otherwise. Reportedly last seen in 1978, evidence of the red colobus has turned up, including a photograph of a dead one, the tail of a red colobus, and the skin of one killed by a hunter. On hearing the news McGraw reportedly exclaimed, “Monkey outta nowhere!”

  • Killer Monkey Gets Second Chance

    After mauling an infant to death and attacking several people, New Delhi residents captured one difficult monkey. The animal will be sent to the city’s Monkey Rescue Center which handles nuisance primates. We’re all for monkey rehabilitation, but what about New Delhi residents who will shudder at the cry, “Monkey outta nowhere!”? Do killer monkeys […]

  • Real-life Monkey Outta Nowhere

    Zookeepers at the Como Zoo in St. Paul were shocked to find a baby white-faced Saki Monkey clinging to its mother, whom the zookeepers didn’t even know was pregnant. Now that’s a monkey outta nowhere.

  • Do it eBay — We do!

    Rather than turning to traditional sources of start-up revenue, Monkey Outta Nowhere is turning to the auction site eBay. Outrageous IPOs are a thing of the past, and true Internet giants are raising cash the old fashioned way — selling their junk.

  • Risky But Ingenious Ventures

    Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year, and the Year of the Monkey, according to Chinese tradition. Predictions for the Year of the Monkey include “success even in impossible ventures,” “inventions and improvisations galore,” and even if we don’t try “we will be carried forward by the surging tide of the Monkey’s […]

  • Monkey Desktops

    Monkey Outta Nowhere desktops are now available. Get yours today, while supplies last!

  • Welcome to my web site!

    This is the obligatory redesigned web site posting. As you can tell, the monkeys are hard at work. Things will continue to improve as we pack this site with more and more monkey power.