Adopt a Monkey

Adopt a red howler monkey to make sure they're fed. Apparently this guy's covered.Now the Hunger Site is helping more than people. You can adopt your very own red howler monkey to make sure it’s fed and cared for while being taught to survive in the wild.

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  1. Sorry, I just have one question to ask. On the top of this site, you mention that I could own a Red Howler Monkey. Well, would it be possible to own a Black-capped Capuchin or a Sqirrel Monkey.
    Thank You for your time

  2. hi i love this site its great il be on here more often now im thinking of adopting one

  3. Heyy everyone! Just to let u know I love monkeys but I can’t adopt cause mom doesn’t need anymore animals in the house.
    I love Monkeys!

  4. I am looking at houses to buy, and while I want a big house, I also want to adopt a few monkeys.. In order to accomidate them, I would want to have a large yard.. Is this necissary? Do monkeys enjoy the outdoors? or are they more like dogs in the sense that they can adapt to an indoor environment. If i were to adopt, I would want to make sure they were happy. Also, what breed would be best around children? I am looking for something that will get along with my pet yellow lab and my 3 year old twins. Thanks!

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