A Positive Message in a World of Anger and Outrage

“The titles and the trophies and the results are amazing, but they’re fleeting. I think being able to pass on knowledge and just sharing your time is the best gift you can give somebody. So I started a nonprofit called Moore Aloha. I do a couple camps and events with girls to share with them how to live fearlessly and with love.”

U.S. Olympic surfer Carissa Moore

I love this quote. I came across it during Olympics coverage (here’s the full video for context) and I’ve shared it a few times and worked it into content for a couple clients. I’m grateful to work for folks who recognize the value of giving of yourself, of the value of passing on what you have learned.

The Value of Hope

Today’s world is just busy and full and loud. It’s hard for businesses and organizations to actually break through and connect with people. Anger and outrage is the method of the moment, and of course that’s an awful way for businesses to communicate.

But a positive message, one full of hope and encouragement, is such a breath of fresh air. If your communication can get past the hype and the cynicism, if you can be an authentic positive voice, I think that’s startlingly refreshing right now.

There are plenty of inauthentic voices trying to be positive, but you can prove you mean it with positive action. Share your knowledge and be generous with your time. Find a local nonprofit doing good work and support them. Be a champion for the good things happening in your community. Look for the issues in your industry and find a way to be a positive voice for change.

If that all sounds a little too kumbaya, oh well. It’s definitely better than the constant negativity and anger that dominates social media.

Prove It

How do I do it? Good question. One way is sharing positive local stories, like this softball clinic for Latinas or a food pantry down the street. I also helped organize a sidewalk chalk event at our Art Park, which gave us a chance to talk about the Little Free Library we’re installing. All small things, but they accumulate quickly.

None of them were major ad campaigns or a big part of my company’s communication, but they were just small efforts to be generous with my time and highlight the amazing things other people are doing.

When I see other companies doing this kind of thing, it makes me want to support them. And I want my company to make that kind of impact.