We Do Low Quality Video Production

I’m proud to say that Monkey Outta Nowhere now offers sub-par video production services. Well, not exactly. But we can do low quality, home made video with the best (or worst?) of them.
I’ve been working on marketing for the Foursquare NextGen Summit ’07 (which has a fancy new web site). We were coming up with ideas to promote the What’s Your Cause? Video Contest and a video seemed like a no-brainer. But when Foursquare’s professional video department was swamped, I stepped up and said I could do it. The less-than-professional standards I could meet seemed more in line with a do-it-yourself video contest anyway.
So Monkey Outta Nowhere added video production to its portfolio:

Big time thanks to everyone who helped out with the video (especially Melanie, Bronwyn, Marie and Tobin). And stick around for the credits. I think the “I Like Puppies” song has some break out potential.

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