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  • Courageous Storytellers

    Courageous Storytellers

    Church Marketing Sucks launched a companion membership site called Courageous Storytellers. We help create on-going content for churches, including how-to guides, checklists, devotionals, planners, articles and more.

  • Table Project Website

    Table Project Website

    Initially hired to proof web copy, we eventually came on as an ongoing communication consultant, helping to create and execute a communication plan that covered blogging, email newsletters and social media, we vastly expanded the support content and we spearheaded new projects. Learn more about the work we did for the Table Project.

  • Church Marketing Sucks

    Church Marketing Sucks

    Churches have a communications problem. They claim to have the greatest story ever told, but they don’t know how to tell it. Enter Church Marketing Sucks. The blog began in 2004, challenging churches to communicate their message effectively. We oversee all editorial content, including blog posts, email newsletters, social media and more. Learn more about…