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  • Trout Lake Camps Volunteer Flier

    Trout Lake Camps Volunteer Flier

    Taylor Design Works created a volunteer recruitment flier for Trout Lake Camps and we wrote the copy.

  • Trout Lake Men’s Retreat 2015 Brochure

    Trout Lake Men’s Retreat 2015 Brochure

    “Every guy comes to the Men’s Retreat at Trout Lake for his own reason. With 400 men gathered on 325 acres of northern Minnesota wilderness for an entire weekend, we’ve got plenty of reasons. There’s something for everyone: spiritual renewal, fellowship with other guys and the steak fry. Plus all the camp activities you know…

  • Training Leaders International Brochure

    Training Leaders International Brochure

    We worked with Taylor Design Works to create this roll-fold brochure as an introduction to Training Leaders International.

  • Trout Lake Mini Golf Fundraiser

    Trout Lake Mini Golf Fundraiser

    Every year 3,000 kids come to central Minnesota for the best summer ever. Each summer 1 in 6 campers make a significant spiritual decision at camp. It can happen anywhere, including a conversation over mini golf. Suddenly there’s nothing mini about it. God moves. A life is changed. Hole in one. Trout Lake Camps set…

  • Center for Transformative Leadership

    Center for Transformative Leadership

    Taylor Design Works brought us in to write copy for this roll-fold brochure for the Center for Transformative Leadership.

  • Trout Lake Mastercraft Brochure

    Trout Lake Mastercraft Brochure

    God works in mysterious ways. Some are faster than others. This fundraising brochure shared an opportunity to expand the fleet of speedboats at Trout Lake Camps, building on the experience of fun and adventure that draws kids to camp and enables ministry.