Open Our Eyes

Open Our Eyes: Seeing the Invisible People of HomelessnessOpen Our Eyes: Seeing the Invisible People of Homelessness is a manual to motivate action. The book features the real stories of homeless people and gives insight into what it’s really like to be homeless:

  • “I had it all and ended up on the streets.” -Elvin
  • “I put a smile on my face for my kids’ sake.” -Cecilia
  • “I’m hoping I can survive another day.” -Eddie

Inspired by homeless advocate Mark Horvath and his work with the nonprofit, the book also features reflections from more than 20 social media experts, nonprofit heroes and technology executives, including Trust Agent author Chris Brogan, Ford’s social media guru Scott Monty and renowned mom blogger Jessica Gottlieb. Each contributor shares their own perspective on homelessness and how Horvath’s inspiring example has impacted them. The book also includes common misconceptions about homelessness and suggestions for how to get involved and make a difference.
All proceeds from the book support the work of
Monkey Outta Nowhere published the book, recruiting Brian White of TriLion Studios for the cover design, Ronald Cox for the interior design, Bradley Watson for writing, and Josh Cody and Michael Buckingham for ideas and support. The book is truly a collaborative feat and an effort to give back to