New Book Project: Open Our Eyes

Monkey Outta Nowhere is proud to launch a second book project of 2010. After Addition by Adoption: Kids, Causes & 140 Characters successfully raised more than $5,700 to build a well in Ethiopia, now we’re releasing Open Our Eyes: Seeing the Invisible People of Homelessness on Nov. 9 to support
The book offers a gritty glimpse into the life of homelessness, sharing personal stories from 35 homeless people. It’s an opportunity to move beyond the stereotypes and see that homeless people are still people.
“I put a smile on my face for my kids’ sake,” says Cecilia, a homeless mother of two. “My biggest challenge is to be a successful mother.”
Interspersed with those real life stories are reflections from social media experts, nonprofit heroes, technology executives and more, sharing their perspective on homelessness and the work of homeless advocate Mark Horvath, founder of You’ll also find common myths about homelessness debunked and suggestions for how you can get involved.
It’s a manual to motivate action and 100% of the proceeds will go to the nonprofit
Contributors include: Brad Abare, Chris Brogan, Wendy Cohen, Lee Fox, Jessica Gottlieb, Alan Graham, David Henderson, Jeff Holden, Michael Ian, Becky Kanis, Natalie Profant Komuro, Jeff Lilley, Geoff Livingston, Heather Meeker, Brandon Mendelson, Stefanie Michaels, Scott Monty, Shannon Moriarty, Chloe Noble, Stephanie Rudat, Kari Saratovsky, Lisa Truong, Nedra Weinreich and Scott Williams.