Levity for Longevity: Humor at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

More fun at the office: The End of World Wide Pictures, a tweaked desktop from a screenshot of a WWP movie.An article I wrote for TheHighCalling.org was just posted. It’s a fun little reflection on humor in the workplace, featuring some of the behind-the-scenes highlights you wouldn’t expect from my years at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association:

For two and a half years, I worked in the Internet Department of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. We were young, tech-savvy folks who could have worked at dotcoms but instead chose to work for an aging evangelist. The job had its share of stress–crashing servers, last-minute changes, and webmaster emails from people who didn’t know how to copy and paste.
We coped–in part–thanks to humor.
There were the Monday mornings when laughter would spread like the plague through our department. You could almost tell when the latest flash-animated cartoon had been released on HomestarRunner.com and nearly everyone in our department would pause to watch the disgruntled StrongBad answer his latest email in typical mocking style.

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