HastingsNow: “Relentless commitment to keeping the community informed.”

Table with a laptop on it and empty chair behind it.

Last week we had a rare free Monday night. Usually we spend every Monday covering local meetings for West St. Paul Reader. We posted to social media that we didn’t know what to do with ourselves. Fellow local media site HastingsNow picked up on the post and used it to sing our praises.

“This post highlights their relentless commitment to keeping the community informed,” HastingsNow said.

They went on to talk about how we “cultivate local pride and community engagement” as number seven in their weekly Local10 roundup:

“The importance of such hyper-local news outlets cannot be overstated, especially in suburban areas where larger media often overlooks the nuances of community news. West St. Paul Reader not only fills this gap but does so with a passion that resonates throughout the community.”


It’s incredibly encouraging to see that kind of support come from a fellow local news site. We’re incredibly grateful for the attention. And thankful to our members who make it possible.