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  • Busy Blog Series

    Busy Blog Series

    After reading the book, Busy: How to Thrive in a World of Too Much by Tony Crabbe, we wrote a six-part blog series for iThemes about looking at productivity in a new light.

  • Nick Jones: Strategy, Vision & the Future of the Church

    Nick Jones: Strategy, Vision & the Future of the Church

    “Most churches don’t have a voice. Christian is not a voice. Baptist is not a voice. Progressive is not a voice. Who are you as a church body? That’s the big question that many churches can’t answer.” –Nick Jones

  • Blogging for iThemes

    A collection of recent blog posts for iThemes: Embrace Limitations and Go Farther The Power of Culture Repurposing Content How WordPress Freelancers Are Leaving Money on the Table How the Hustle Hinders Frustrated Freelancers

  • Saying Yes: Lessons From Shonda Rhimes

    Saying Yes: Lessons From Shonda Rhimes

    A self-help book from TV producer Shonda Rhimes produced a series of lessons for freelancers about the power of saying yes and embracing the coming challenges.

  • Courageous Storytellers

    Courageous Storytellers

    Church Marketing Sucks launched a companion membership site called Courageous Storytellers. We help create on-going content for churches, including how-to guides, checklists, devotionals, planners, articles and more.

  • Church Communication Blindspots

    We get stuck in our heads and miss simple ways to welcome, accommodate, and love our neighbors. Read more in this Church Marketing Sucks blog post.

  • Improving Freelance Processes With Chris Lema

    “Freelancers focus so much on the work that they forget to manage their network of contacts.” -Chris Lema

  • Trout Lake Web Headlines

    Trout Lake Web Headlines

    We wrote headlines for the main graphics on the Trout Lake Camps website: Youth Retreats at Trout Friendship, Fellowship & Funship

  • Snapchat for Churches

    Snapchat for Churches

    We introduced churches to Snapchat, exploring what makes the 100-million strong social networking platform different and how churches can make the most of it, including sponsored geofilters.

  • 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio

    We went for gold in Olympic blogging: We warned churches about Olympic brand bullying. We explored the spirit of the Olympics and how it relates to the WordPress community. We looked at a new form of “texting journalism” the New York Times debuted at the games.