Blogging About Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go exploded on the scene this summer with millions of downloads in a matter of days. Roving bands of kids are swarming neighborhoods and parks, while adults try to figure out what to think.

We wrote blog posts for both Church Marketing Sucks and iThemes, exploring the impact of the game. Churches need to be aware of the Pokemon Go because many churches are already identified as locations in the game, which means foot traffic those churches never expected:

People with potentially no other reason to care about your church are beating on the door, thanks to Pokémon Go.

For iThemes, it’s about celebrating new technology and finding out what it means for freelancers:

The big deal is that Pokemon Go is a brilliant application of a cool idea. Whether you play or not, that’s worth celebrating. We can all be inspired by the convergence of technology and creativity that made this possible.

We’re always careful not to hype passing fads or jump on the click-bait train, but Pokemon Go has proven to be a unique phenomenon because of its insane growth and unique application of technology. Even if it fizzles out, it’s already made its mark.