60 Years at Trout Lake Camps

Last week Trout Lake Camps celebrated their 60th anniversary with a “Buddy Check” reunion and the launch of the Project 365 fund raising campaign. Monkey Outta Nowhere did some writing and editing work on the “Buddy Check” brochure last year and we worked extensively with Taylor Design Works on the 32-page Project 365 booklet, which included detailed history and personal stories.
Writing someone else’s history can be kind of maddening at times (like when a separate publication does a similar story that renders details a bit differently from how you had them, forcing you to re-check everything), but I really love digging into history (in case you couldn’t tell), especially when it’s personal and detailed. I love seeing the connections of time and place and having it all come to life. Even something obscure as a camp in Central Minnesota I’ve never attended.

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