• Minnesota Reformer Article on Ranked Choice Voting

    How ranked choice voting can make democracy work better in Minnesota: “We love to hate each other, and that kind of division isn’t good for democracy long term. Requiring majority support forces candidates to build coalitions and bring people together.”  

  • Return of the Blog

    After a long hiatus where we let our work do the talking, we’re exploring a return to the blog. It’s going to take a little bit of figuring to sort it out, but sometimes you just have to experiment and see what sticks.

  • WooCommerce Blog Series

    We wrote a series of blog posts for iThemes about WooCommerce: 5 Ways to Care For Your Website 4 Steps to Amazing WooCommerce Client Communication 5 Ways to Monitor WooCommerce for Survival and Success How to Save Your Bacon With WooCommerce Backup How to Protect Your E-Commerce Shop WooCommerce Hosting: How to Choose the Best…

  • Blogging for iThemes

    A collection of recent blog posts for iThemes: Embrace Limitations and Go Farther The Power of Culture Repurposing Content How WordPress Freelancers Are Leaving Money on the Table How the Hustle Hinders Frustrated Freelancers

  • Church Communication Blindspots

    We get stuck in our heads and miss simple ways to welcome, accommodate, and love our neighbors. Read more in this Church Marketing Sucks blog post.

  • 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio

    We went for gold in Olympic blogging: We warned churches about Olympic brand bullying. We explored the spirit of the Olympics and how it relates to the WordPress community. We looked at a new form of “texting journalism” the New York Times debuted at the games.

  • Taking Stock Interviews

    We asked WordPress pros to take stock: C.Bavota Jenny Beaumont Kirsten Cassidy Patrick Neve Sarah Pressler Jason Resnick

  • Profitable Interviews

    We talked with WordPress pros about being more profitable: Kronda Adair Naomi C. Bush Kim Doyal Daniel Espinoza Tom McFarlin Michelle Schulp

  • Christmas in July Series

    Christmas in July Series

    We put together a Christmas in July series for Church Marketing Sucks, talking to half a dozen church communicators to get their input on planning and preparing for Christmas.

  • Practical Tools for WordPress Pros Interviews

    We interviewed WordPress pros about their favorite tools: Tamala Huntley Matt Medeiros Jesse Petersen Justin Tadlock