Reevaluate Your Marketing

Here’s a simple way to improve your organization’s communication: Sit down and read your own marketing once a year. Read your website, brochure, email newsletter, social posts, etc. See what’s out of date, what sounds old or stilted, what needs a refresh. Things change over time, and that’s OK.

That’s it.

Mark your calendar and take that time once a year. That’s long enough to forget what your copy says and to be able to come at it fresh. It’s also long enough for things to change. And for many organizations who set up a website and forget it, it’s way more frequently than they’re currently reevaluating.

Here are a few things to look for:

  • Any typos or broken links?
  • Test that contact form: Is someone receiving it and acting on it?
  • Are your photos starting to look dated?
  • When did you last post to social media?
  • Does your voice still sound and feel right?
  • Is your marketing pitch still hitting your target audience or have things shifted?
  • Does your call to action still make sense? Is it effective?

Take notes while you read through your marketing materials. Look for easy wins you can come back and fix later. But also look for larger issues that might take more time. Maybe you need to think about tweaking your call to action, finding a photographer to get new photos, or hiring a writer to refresh your voice. If your social media is out of date it might be time to hire someone—or retire that channel.

You might also find that your marketing is holding up well. That’s great. Give yourself (and your team) a high-five.

It’s easy to get too busy running your business to focus on your marketing. That’s OK. This annual check-in is a good way to make sure things are on track. If you need help doing this kind of review or refreshing your communication, we can help.