How to Create Social Media Content

Too often I look around and see businesses and organizations struggling to create and share content on social media. It’s unfortunate, because it’s a great way to connect with people where they are.

So what’s the secret to good, effective social media content that connects with people?

It’s sharing what you care about.

Content, whether it’s social media or otherwise, is just a stream of things you care about. It’s interesting stories, good news, funny questions, helpful tips, etc. Sometimes we make it harder than it needs to be, but it’s not rocket science.

People follow you because they care about what you have to say. They follow lots of other people for the same reason, and the result on social media is a stream of eclectic content that keeps people entertained. They want to see different perspectives and thoughts and reactions and updates.

So share what you find interesting:

  • Talk about your business, absolutely, but don’t just make it a non-stop commercial. Give some insights. Share some funny anecdotes. Tell us something surprising.
  • Share industry insights. Even if your audience isn’t focused on your industry, it shows your expertise and helps you connect with others in your field.
  • React to what’s happening in the world. This is a weird thing for many brands, but the key is to do it in relevant ways. Your business or organization doesn’t need to respond to every news story, but especially when there’s something with any sort of connection to you, then share your thoughts. The local auto shop talking about the recent rash of catalytic converter thefts is perfect. An employee’s hometown team winning the big game is another good angle.
  • Educate your audience. Content works best when it delivers value. So give your audience some incredible value by educating them. Your audience comes to you because you know your stuff, so share a little of that.
  • Be a good neighbor. Especially for local businesses, it can help to talk about what’s happening in the community. Share links to road construction or plug the new restaurant opening down the street.
  • Share a photo. Maybe you do the same thing every day and it seems mundane, but not to your audience. Sometimes giving folks a glimpse into what you do can be the best content. Your passion will shine through, and that’s why people follow you.

You’re likely to end up with an eclectic stream of content, but that’s OK. There’s going to be a consistent thread focused on your brand and what you’re about—and that’s what people resonate with.

How do you know if it’s working? You should want to read your own social media thread. You’re not going to read a bunch of back-to-back-to-back sales pitches, and neither is your audience. But if it’s a bunch of insights into your business, unique reaction to what’s happening, some local news, a bit of value, and a few sales pitches, then that’s something people will follow.