January 16, 2006

Twin Cities Churches Online

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Some Twin Cities churches were featured on Nightline last week, including Bluer and Spirit Garage, both located in Minneapolis. Bluer has the entire "Faith Matters" segment online for your viewing pleasure.

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January 13, 2006

High Speed Chase Through St. Paul Neighborhood

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Nothing like a high speed police chase through your neighborhood to keep you up at night. Around 11:30 last night my wife and I were just getting to sleep when we heard police sirens, which isn't an out of the ordinary in our Hamline-Midway neighborhood, just across the street from Frogtown. But the sirens got closer and closer, then the flashing lights lit up the night and we could hear engines slow to make the turn off Lexington and onto our street, and then gun as they tore down our street. One. Two. Three. Four. Five cop cars in a row in hot pursuit down our residential street.

My wife looked out the window to see three cars continue the chase east and one car turn north and one car turn south. A bit surprised, we rolled over to go back to sleep, but the sirens didn't fade away. It sounded like they were circling back around. Another police car came back down our street, this time no lights or sirens. We could see glimpses of flashing lights here and there and the sirens faded for a minute or two, but then came back.

We saw another glimpse of flashing lights in the direction of the Griggs Rec Center and then we could see the police cars turn south. Then we saw it, a white car running with no lights, flying down the street less than a block from our house. Four cop cars followed in hot pursuit, lights flashing and sirens wailing.

Of course I have no idea what was going on. Apparently high speed chases through residential neighborhoods are a common enough occurrence that it's not really news.

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