May 2, 2005

Minor League Ball, Major League Business

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Newsweek covers the booming business of minor league baseball, which owes a major tip of the hat to actor Bill Murray and his fellow co-owners of the St. Paul Saints, one of the teams that started the minor league turnaround.

The charm of attending a Saints game is what it's all about. The smaller, more personable stadium lets the sun shine down on the field like it's supposed to, a far cry from the astroturf and indoor lighting of the Twins and their Metrodome. Then there's the goofy between innings antics and the announcer who deadpans, "Train" every time a train rumbles by the outfield fence, which happens several times a game. It's baseball the way it's supposed to be.

Posted by kevin at May 2, 2005 8:30 PM

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Except for that part where there's good baseball being played. For people looking to be entertained and oh, there's a baseball game going on in the background, it's great I'm sure. For baseball fans, it's a waste of time.

Posted by: John S. at May 4, 2005 11:15 AM