April 30, 2005

Minneapolis Art Explosion

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Weisman Art Museum, MinneapolisWith the opening of the new downtown library, the Guthrie, the Walker Art Center and others—in total about $500 million dollars worth of museums, theaters and library—Minneapolis is set to be a major destination for the arts. And Minneapolis is preparing to let the world know.

Research shows that two-thirds of potential visitors and people relocating here for business aren't aware of the city's many attractions, said Karyn Gruenberg, vice president of marketing for the association. Minnesotans, who take such things for granted, don't realize that many outsiders view our state as cold and featureless, with little to do except hunt, fish and shiver.

Even without all the new editions I've always thought we had some unique architecture, like the Weisman Art Museum (pictured above).

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April 29, 2005

5-Minute Barking Rule

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Dogs in St. Paul have only five minutes to bark before they'll be declared a nuissance. Well, not exactly. But a new ordinance does give specific rules as to what constitutes annoying barking from dogs, the five-minute rule being one example. City Council member Jay Benanav explains that a "reasonable annoyance" is not limited to the five-minute rule.

"We needed something on the books we could enforce to keep neighborhoods quiet," Benanav said. "It would take a pretty smart dog to bark for 4.5 minutes and stop."

Somehow I can see my dog doing that.

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Independent Bookstore Bound to be Read Closing

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Another Twin Cities' independent bookstore bites the dust as Bound to be Read on Grand Ave. in St. Paul is closing their doors. The store opened in 2001 and claimed to be the Twin Cities' largest independent bookstore. They'll close for good on July 27.

Last year Ruminator Books, which operated on Grand Ave. for 34 years, closed. A branch of Best Buy's EQ-Life, a spa/pharmacy/retail store, will take over Bound to be Read's lease.

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April 28, 2005

Scallywags Bicycle Club National Summit 2005

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2005_04_27scallywag.jpgThe Scallywags Bicycle Club is a crew of people who love Jesus and like to build and ride bikes. but not just any bicycle. If you've ever seen someone riding a bike with a seat ten feet off the ground, that's the kind of funky bicycles we're talking about. Apparently jousting is a typical Scallywag pastime.

The Scallywags were established in Minneapolis in 2001 and have chapters across the country in Chicago, San Antonio, Texas, Columbia, S.C. and outside the U.S. in Winnipeg, Canada. Their National Summit is this week (April 27-May 1) in Minneapolis, and will culminate with riding in the annual May Day Parade. (link via Knightopia)

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Revitalizing Urban Neighborhoods

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The Banyan Foundation is an inner-city non-profit ministry founded by a Bethel University professor in the Phillips Neighborhood of Minneapolis. It's cool to see work like this happening, as well projects like Urban Homeworks.

The Frogtown Pastor is understandably excited about this foundation and eager to do something similar in Frogtown.

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Post-it Note History

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The 25-year history of Minnesota's greatest invention: the Post-it note.

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