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May 16, 2005

Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse by Boyett, Jason

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It's a tongue-in-cheek apocalypse manual for the trendy young person who wants to know what all the fuss is about the end of humanity.

This is as far as you can get from a theological treatise: it's hilarious, quick and edgy. It reads more like an encyclopedia with short chapters chronicling different end times trivia, from the Apocalyptionary (a glossary of end times lingo) to Candidates for the Antichrist.

While it does skewer Armageddon obsessiveness, it pokes fun at the Chicken Little sky-is-falling date-setters and not the actual Bible. And in between the good ribbing you can get a good overview of eschatology, including the various views on the end times and the pros and cons of each. It's a nice shift from the gospel according to Left Behind.

Interview with Jason Boyett

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