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August 5, 2004

So You Wanna Be a Rock & Roll Star? by Slichter, Jacob

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Semisonic's Jacob Slichter explores the real world of rock and roll in this self-effacing memoir.

The story follows the sudden rise and fall of the band Semisonic from Slichter's self-conscience perspective behind the drums. The dream of being a rock icon is often better than the real thing, as Slichter's description of popping Rolaids at every conceivable moment shows.

You get to see every part of the rock life style, from the fabricated cool of a photo shoot, to the utter boredom on tour, to the mental math adding up recoupable expenses the band will owe the record company. But despite their hit single "Closing Time," Semisonic dried up after their third album. The only thing the book is missing is a final breakdown of recoupable expenses vs. publishing royalties and whether the one-time rock stars can retire--or if they need to write their memoirs.

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