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May 19, 2004

What's So Amazing About Grace by Yancey, Philip

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When I first read this book I checked it out from the library. Big mistake. I couldn't in good conscience write in a library book, and my bookmark was quickly filled with notes and quotes. I finally just bought the book so I could take notes in the margins and make everything easier.

That's the kind of book this is. It's full of challenging words and a perspective we somehow haven't seen before. Philip Yancey gives a new outlook on grace, one the church has somehow missed. Forgiveness, acceptance, love. Not condemnation, judgment, hatred.

Yancey came from a graceless church and much of his writing is an attempt to overcome some of misconceptions that have been ingrained in the church.

There's an often repeated story, originally from the London Sunday Times magazine, that U2's Bono had a conversation with Noel Gallagher from the band Oasis. Gallagher questioned Bono about faith and the two talked for hours.

A few days later Bono send a package to Gallagher and his girlfriend that included a copy of What's So Amazing About Grace?.

"And [Bono's] dad had just died," Gallagher remarked. "How difficult must that be? Takes time out because two people were interested. What a guy."

What's So Amazing About Grace? (visual edition)

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