August 28, 2003

Beyonce Knowles on Nudity

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"Every photographer wants to be the first one who talks Beyonce out of her clothes. It's prestigious for him if I expose a nipple. ... When they make those kinds of demands, I leave. Goodbye. I want to be respected and remembered for my talent in the first place, not for my booty. ... Some women show some nudity in all their pics. But I am known for being prudish. I don't have a problem with sexy clothes. Any really hot fashion thing I'll wear. And I'll put on a bikini if the scene is on the beach. But vulgar for no reason? Never."

-Beyonce Knowles, recent solo artist and member of Destiny's Child. She was also asked if one of her songs had ever come on the radio while she was making love. Her response? "Oh, I hate that. It messes up the vibe." (Source: Sky News, August 28, 2003)

Posted by Kevin D. Hendricks at 8:39 AM

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