November 1, 2006


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Well, it's official. Lexi can say "Hi." For a week or so now she's been jabbering something that sounded like hi, but we weren't sure if she knew what she was saying. Then it moved to copying us when we said. Tonight at swim lessons Lexi greeted everyone who entered the locker room with a "Hi." I asked a friend to help me figure out if I was just being an over-excited mom or if she really was saying hi. And my friend agreed that she was actually greeting people. Then while we were waiting for swim lessons to start, 2 different strangers commented on how cute it was that Lexi was saying hi to everyone.

So I've decided that since several people, including strangers, have commented on her ability to say hi, it's official - Lexi's first word, at 9 months, is "hi."*

*By making the above statement I realize that Lexi will now refuse to say hi to anyone who wants to hear her say it.

Posted by abby at November 1, 2006 8:48 PM

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