October 7, 2006

Still Sitting Up

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I've come to the realization that my daughter is never going to learn to crawl. She learned to sit up and is great at it. She can also roll over from front to back and back to front, but at almost 8 1/2 months she has barely made an attempt at crawling. Now, I know that all kids learn to do things at differnt rates and that some kids skip crawling entirely and go straight to walking, so I'm not actually worried about our current situation. I find it entertaining that she is perfectly content to sit on the floor and have people bring her toys to her since she is so opinionated about what she does and doesn't want to play with.

Lexi has a friend who is three weeks younger than her and had to go to physical therapy for something with her neck muscles (she would only look in one direction when she was a newborn) Anyway, her friend is now crawling and pulling herself up into a sit. When the girls are together, Cosette is scooting all over and Lexi just sits and watches.

Silly baby.

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