August 13, 2006

Sitting Up

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Lexi learned to sit up last week. For the past few weeks or so she's been able to hold herself up if she was leaning against something, but would slowly slump foreward or to the side. Last week she figured out how to keep her balance and stay sitting up without any help. She's loving it because she can now sit and reach for toys, play with things, read books (okay look at the pictures (okay, chew on books)).

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August 5, 2006

Kid's Stuff With Previous Experience...

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Once Upon A Child is the best. kid's store. ever. If you have a kid, know somebody with a kid, teach kids, you have got to check out this store. It's a second hand shop that sells only baby/kid gear. I went there on Friday to look for a few games for my class room. I spent $25 and came back with Monopoly Jr., Scrabble Jr., Guess Who? (remember Guess Who? I loved that game) as well as 6 new toys for Lexi. I had to restrain myself from browsing in the clothing section since she needs nothing in the way of new clothes. Plus, you can put your name on a "wish list" so if someone comes in to sell a certain item that you want, the store will call you before they put it out on the floor for sale.

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