September 16, 2005

Napoleon Dynamite vs. Bill Gates

Napoleon Dynamite & Bill GatesOn Tuesday software giant Microsoft screened a spoof video of Napoleon Dynamite featuring Bill Gates and actor Jon Heder as Napoleon. The video shows Napoleon and Bill Gates working together (clad in similar brown suits), having a slapping match over tater tots and dancing. Yes, Bill Gates dancing.

Apparently Microsoft often shows self-deprecating video spoofs like this one, and as in the past, the videos are rarely released for whatever reason. Though with the popularity of Napoleon Dynamite I wouldn't be surprised if this one makes it out somehow.

Update: And sure enough, versions of the video are out there. Not the greatest quality, but it's something: Longhorn Blogs has it up on iFilm and Paul Thurrott has a few clips (links via Scobleizer).

For more on Napoleon Dynamite check out:

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July 9, 2005

Johnny Depp Talks About Making Movies

Johnny Depp talks with USA Today about his movie career. Break out roles have included 21 Jump Street and his first collaboration with Tim Burton, Edward Scissorhands.

Depp continues to star in top-notch flicks, including this summer's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He explains his rationale for picking projects, which includes not doing something for money and doing work his children can be proud of--a motivation that started long before he even had children.

I was released (from Jump Street) while I was doing Edward Scissorhands, and I swore to myself that I would only work on these films or these projects that I would at least someday be able to say to my kids, 'That was all me. That's pure me. I didn't sell out because I don't want you to be mortified or embarrassed.' So that was what was in my head at the time, just thinking if I am going to this, I am going to do it on my terms. If I am going to fail, I am going to fail on my own terms.

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April 30, 2005

Super Size Me Sermons

Super Size MeThe anti-fast food documentary Super Size Me is of particular interest to preachers of all people.

Chris Seay, pastor and author of The Gospel According to Tony Soprano, notes the film's unique method: "More Christians need to watch this film than just about any out there. It preaches to us in a way that many pastors need to learn from."

A couple weeks back my own church heard a sermon by Rev. John Newton about the film, comparing Morgan Spurlock's physical poisoning with our own spiritual suicide by the things we allow into our lives.

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