February 21, 2006

Free Download of Conviction Pilot

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NBC's new legal drama Conviction debuts next week, starring fromer Joss Whedon alums J. August Richards (Gun on Angel) and Eric Balfour (the short-lived Jesse on Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

Or you can just head over to iTunes now and download a free copy of the pilot.

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February 6, 2006

Fear of Girls D&D Mockumentary

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Twin Cities filmmaker Ryan Wood put together a hilarious mockumentary for $800 about a couple of over-the-top Dungeons & Dragons geeks called Fear of Girls. Apparently MTV is now knocking at Wood's door.

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Networks Love iTunes Video Downloads

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It looks like low-resolution video downloads on iTunes are a hit. The Office and Lost are among the most popular shows and the networks seem pleased with the results so far, saying that it's good revenue and also adds to the broadcast viewership. Of course the article doesn't give any numbers, so it's hard to figure out what any of that means.

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